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Off-Campus Visitors

Building Access

Thank you for your interest in using the collections of Buswell Library. The library exists primarily to serve Wheaton College faculty, students, and staff. Since Buswell is not a public library, the staff exercises discretion in permitting off-campus visitors to enter the building and use the library’s collections, services, or study space.

The purpose of our visitor policy is to welcome those entering the library for approved reasons, facilitate an atmosphere of study and concentration, and promote the safety of everyone in the building.

We welcome the following types of visitors. Please sign in at the Circulation Desk each time you enter the building. 

  • alumni of Wheaton College
  • relative of a current Wheaton College faculty, staff, and student
  • prospective Wheaton College students and their families
  • current faculty, staff, and students of other institutions of higher education
  • visitors who are on staff at a local church
  • visitors who want to use federal government documents
  • visitors who want to use the library's collections for a specific academic or research purpose

Visitors must be age 16 or older, unless accompanied by an adult.

Within the library, you are welcome to:

  • Ask us for help using the library's collections
  • Read/study in publicly accessible seating areas
  • Use books and other materials
  • Use equipment, such as photocopiers
  • Use computers for academic purposes, such as to search the library catalog or to access the library’s digital collections

We do not permit visitors to:

  • Make use of collections, equipment, services, or space in ways that we deem to be excessive or problematic
  • Sleep/nap anywhere in the building
  • Engage in any activity that disturbs others using the library

Computer Access

The library provides computer and internet access to approved off-campus visitors. Wireless access is also available. All computer and internet use must comply with the Wheaton College acceptable use policy.

Travel Information

We recognize that some of our visitors travel from a distance to use our resources.  If you're planning an extended stay, Wheaton College provides useful information about the area, lodging, and transportation.