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Request Items from Other Libraries

Wheaton College faculty, staff, and students can request items from other libraries to be delivered to Wheaton via two systems.


I-Share is an online catalog operated by and for the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) to support library resource sharing among 90+ participating member institutions. Wheaton College faculty, staff and students may search the collections of other I-Share institutions and directly request delivery of circulating items to Buswell.

If Buswell Library does not have a desired item, request it from I-Share if possible.

I-Share Account


ILLiad is the electronic system that Buswell Library uses to enable requests for books, articles, DVDs, microfilm and more from thousands of other libraries beyond I-Share. If neither Wheaton nor I-Share can supply a desired item, request it via ILLiad. ILLiad should also be used to request articles or book chapters electronically.

ILLiad Account

Loan Periods

  I-Share ILLiad
Faculty 28 days, 6 renewals Variable
Staff 28 days, 3 renewals Variable
Student 28 days, 3 renewals Variable

First-Time User

I-Share: Set up an I-Share account using the 14-digit barcode on your campus ID card and a login that you create. 
ILLiad: Login using your Wheaton username and password.  The first time, you will be prompted to validate some information.

Receiving Items

  • You will be notified by email when an item is ready for pick-up at the circulation desk.
    • I-Share items typically arrive in 3-5 business days.
    • ILLiad items usually arrive in 1-2 weeks.
    • Note: Sometimes delivery takes longer, particularly if an item is in high demand, rare, or located far away.
  • Pick-up time allowed:
    • I-Share items should be picked up within 2 weeks, or they will be returned. 
    • If ILLiad items are not picked up by their duedate, they will be returned.
  • You will be notified by email when a requested article is ready for viewing in your ILLiad account; electronic deliveries usually occur in 1 to 3 days, and the article will expire (disappear) after 4 weeks. Please download and save the article to keep it longer.

Blocked Accounts

I-Share blocks you from placing requests or renewals if you have

  • 25 overdue items
  • 1 recalled item that is also overdue
  • 3 lost items
  • 10 “claims returned” items (you believe an item was returned, but the library does not have it)
  • 10 “self-shelved” items (you return the item to the shelf without putting it through the check-in process)
  • $200 in fees

I-Share libraries may also request suspension of your Wheaton library account if you have outstanding issues they need you to resolve.

In ILLiad, you are blocked from placing requests or renewals if you have

  • An excessively overdue item
  • A lost item fee

Cancelled Requests

I-Share and ILLiad requests may be cancelled when

  • The item is available in Buswell
  • You cancel the request in your account
  • You do not pick up the item by its expiration date
  • The item cannot be supplied by any library

For Faculty

See Faculty Borrowing for information about:

  • Book Delivery service for I-Share and ILLiad items
  • Authorizing TAs to borrow via I-Share and ILLiad on your behalf

Borrow from Other Libraries in person

Current Wheaton College students, staff, and faculty may present their Wheaton College ID card to borrow items at institutions belonging to the following groups:

  • I-Share (90+ academic libraries in Illinois) – See a list of I-Share libraries.
  • Atla (American Theological Library Association)- See a list of Atla libraries.


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