Users at a Distance


Visit our LibGuide with extended information for students who are studying at a distance.


The Wheaton College Library provides delivery of circulating Wheaton College Library and I-Share materials to Wheaton College employees and students who teach, or are enrolled, in a Wheaton College hybrid course or program (or who are registered as thesis continuation), and who live more than 50 miles from campus and within the United States.

The Wheaton College Library provides shipping to a United States postal address at no charge to Wheaton College students and faculty users. Users who receive delivery of library resources, assume all responsibility for returning library items to the Wheaton College Library


Wheaton College students or employees who are living or studying at the HoneyRock campus may request inter-campus delivery of circulating, Wheaton College library materials and all interlibrary loan (I-Share and ILLiad) materials. 

Scanning and Mailing Services

Wheaton College Library will:

  • Scan and email articles or book chapters.
  • Mail books to a United States postal address at no charge to the user.
    • Users who receive delivery of library resources, assume responsibility for returning library items to the Wheaton College Library.

All library services are provided in compliance with copyright law.  

Wheaton and I-Share Materials

Users at a distance should take the following steps to obtain needed materials from Wheaton College or through I-Share:

  • Use the Library Search interface to find articles, books, or book chapters.
    • Under the "Get It" section select "Request" or "Request Book Chapter Through ILLiad" 
    • For print books, select "Distance User" or "HoneyRock" from the Pickup Location dropdown, enter your full mailing address in the comment field, and press "Send Request." 

ILLiad Materials

Wheaton College users who are living or studying at HoneyRock may request items received through ILLiad to be mailed to them. 

  • Once your items are available at the library, you will receive an “Item Available” email notification. Forward that email to, directing the library to mail the item to you.  Please include:
    • Your name
    • Mailing Address
    • Your phone number
    • The item title(s)
  • The library will then ship you the requested item(s) and you will receive an email with tracking information.
  • Users are responsible for returning library items to the Wheaton College Library.

Shipping and Scanning Tips

  • Due dates for items requested through interlibrary loan do not include extra shipping time.
  • When shipping items back to Wheaton College, remember to allow sufficient shipping time for items to be received by their due dates.

Using Other Libraries

  • As a Wheaton College student you have in-person borrowing privileges at any I-Share library. You can check out items at any I-Share library, provided that library permits visitors. Contact the library to confirm their current policies.
  • If you live near an Atla reciprocal borrowing member library, your Wheaton Student ID card will allow you to borrow items there.  Check the Atla Reciprocal Borrowing Map.
  • If you live near any academic library, investigate their policies for services to guest patrons and take advantage of their interlibrary loan service if available.
  • Visit your local public library to request items through their interlibrary loan service.