Students at a Distance

Guide for Students at a Distance

Visit our LibGuide for students who are studying at a distance.

Definition of Students at a Distance

Students at a distance are Wheaton College students who:

  • Are enrolled in a Wheaton course or program during the semester in which the library service is being provided (or who are registered as thesis continuation), and
  • Who live more than 50 miles from campus

Services Provided

Upon request, Buswell Library will:

  • Scan and email journal articles or book chapters from its printed collections.
  • Scan and email book chapters from books requested via ILLiad.
  • Scan and email book chapters from books requested via I-Share by students who have a Wheaton College ID card with a 14-digit barcode enabling creation of an I-Share account.
  • Mail books from Buswell’s print collections to a U.S. address at no cost to the student. The student will be responsible for the cost of mailing books back to the library.
  • Mail books obtained from I-Share/ILLiad libraries to a U.S. address at no cost to the student. The student will be responsible for the cost of mailing books back to the library.

In addition, remember that as a Wheaton College student you have borrowing privileges at any I-Share library.  You can request a book through I-Share to pick it up and return it at any I-Share library.  

Note: All library services are provided in compliance with copyright law. The library may decline a request that in our judgement is not in keeping with U.S.C., Title 17, Copyright Law.

How to Obtain These Services

Learners at a Distance should take the following steps to obtain needed materials:

  1. Use the Buswell website to find full-text articles and e-books that are viewable online.
  2. If you have a Wheaton ID card and live in Illinois within driving distance of another I-Share library, create an I-Share account and use it to place a request for I-Share items, specifying the nearby library as the pick-up location.
  3. Use your Wheaton ILLiad account to place requests for journal articles and book chapters. Please specify in the “Notes” section that you are a Student at a Distance, so requests for articles and chapters from Buswell’s print collections will be processed and sent to you via ILLiad rather than cancelled.
  4. Visit your local public library to request items through their interlibrary loan service.
  5. If you live near a non-I-Share academic library, investigate their policies for services to guest patrons and take advantage of their interlibrary loan service if available.
  6. If none of the above options meet your needs, then send an email request for a physical item from Buswell as follows:

Requests should be sent to, and should include: 

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Book title & author
  • Book call number
  • Mailing Address

Buswell will ship the requested book using 2-day shipping. Buswell will be responsible for the item until you receive it. After you receive it, you will be responsible for it until it arrives back at Buswell. A label with the return address will be included with the book. You may use any return shipping method you prefer, but if it is lost in transit you will be responsible for paying Buswell lost item fees.

Books should be returned to:
Wheaton College
Attn: Buswell Delivery
924 College Avenue
Wheaton, IL 60187

  1. If Buswell does not own a needed item, you cannot obtain it locally, and requesting selected chapters is not possible, place a request via I-Share or ILLiad for the item, and follow these steps:.
  • When the item arrives at Buswell, you will receive an “Item Available” email suggesting that the item is at the Circulation Desk. Forward that email to, directing Buswell to mail the item to you.
  • Please include the same information as outlined in step 6. The same shipping and return policies will apply.
  • Since interlibrary loan due dates do not include extra shipping time, this option should be a “last resort” step reserved for items critical to your research.
  • Since books cannot be shipped outside the U.S., staff will scan an entire book for electronic delivery, if necessary as a “last resort” service reserved for items critical to your research.

Allow sufficient shipping time for items to be received at Buswell by their due dates.