Equipment and Technology

Technology for Check-Out

Technology available for check-out at the circulation desk:

  • 3 iPads; 2-hour loan period
  • 2 iPads; overnight loan period
  • Computer mice with USB connectors
  • Laptop cable locks
  • 2 PC laptops running Windows 10. 
  • 3 Mac laptops, one with Accordance Bible Software
  • Laptops have: 
    • Microsoft Office
    • SPSS
    • NVivo
  • Adapters (Mac & PC) to connect most devices
  • CD drives with USB connectors
  • Ethernet cables
  • Headphones
  • Overhead projector
  • Presenter tools
  • USB drives

Technology in the Library

Technology is available throughout the library and in some study rooms.

  • Collaboration stations in some study rooms with connectors to a large screen monitor for up to 4 devices. Adapters for older devices are available at the circulation desk. Reserve a study room
  • SMART Board. (Buswell (Main) Room 117)
  • Multi-function black & white and color copiers (copy, scan, and print) on every level throughout the library (Learn more)
  • Overhead book scanner in the commons outside study room 155. 

Software on Library Computers

Library computers have much of the software needed for academic and creative work, including:

  • Productivity software (e.g., Pages, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Graphic design (e.g., InDesign, Photoshop, Publisher)
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis (e.g., NVivo, SPSS, Wolfram Mathematica)
  • Tools needed to support adaptive learning (e.g., Kurzweil, Natural Reader)

See our complete list of software.  

Other equipment available for checkout at Circulation:

  • 2 Folding, stand-up desks
  • Locker padlocks for 1-week use on library lockers
  • Tempo watch (for music conducting)
  • 2 Kill-a-Watt meters ( for measuring electrical usage of appliances)
  • Verilux happy light
  • For faculty, in-library-use only, available for checkout at Circulation:
    • Camera equipment
    • ELMO document display camera
    • Classroom clicker set

Additional equipment available at Buswell

  • Laminator
  • Microfilm/microfiche reader
  • Viewing stations for DVD/VHS films
  • Listening stations for CD, audio cassette, and LP phonograph records”