How to access the New York Times Online



To get started. Follow these four steps.

1) Visit the following URL

2) Select the "Create Account" button in the center of the screen and create an account using your Wheaton College email address. 

3) Select your status (i.e. student, staff/faculty). Start reading!  

4) Once you've set up an account with the NYT online, you can also use your credentials to access the NYT via their app on your mobile device.  

Note: If you have already purchased a NYT subscription and/or accessed with a Wheaton College email address, you will need to call the NYT at 800-NYTIMES (800-698-4637) to cancel your account, or, change your email address on file. Once you have canceled your account, or, changed your email address on file you can then completed a new account registration with your Wheaton College email address.

For additional help with your account, please contact the New York Times (