Library Accessibility

Library patrons with disabilities may ask for help at any service point or by phone, email, or chat. Special accommodation requests should be directed to Terry Huttenlock at

If you cannot access content or use features on the Buswell Library website due to a disability or other accessibility-related issue, please contact Joshua Avery at

Service Animals
Service animals and service animal trainees are allowed in Buswell Library. No other animals are admitted. The library may exclude a service animal if its presence is threatening or disruptive.

Technology Resources
The following resources are available to all students at Buswell Library:

  • 21 inch Computer Monitor
  • Large Character Keyboard
  • Kurtzweil 1000
  • Adobe Professional
  • 2nd Speech Center Software
  • Six Mac Computers with VoiceOver Software
  • Copiers capable of scanning to email
  • NaturalReader 
  • ABBYY OCR Software

Other Resources
Additional resources provided by Wheaton College, Office of Academic and Disability Services.