Instructions for Submission of Undergraduate Honors Thesis

The following steps should be completed to submit your undergraduate honors thesis for inclusion in the Buswell Memorial Library collection.

1. Ensure that your thesis is complete and formatted properly

Front matter: Your honors thesis must contain the following pages, in this order: fly leaf (blank sheet), title page, certification page (typed names of your faculty advisors for the PDF version; actual signatures should be only on any paper copies), disclaimer page, body of thesis, bibliography / Works Cited.

Margins: 1 ½ inches on the left side of each page, 1 inch on the other three sides.

Paper: A paper copy is no longer required by Buswell. You may submit copies to be bound for your own use or for your department, if desired. You many print on regular copy paper or any other paper you choose. Print one side only. Wheaton College closed its copy center in June 2019. Please consult this information about printing vendors options for students. Printed copies must match the final approved PDF you submit to Buswell.

2. Submit the following other items to Buswell Library

a) Buswell Library undergraduate honors thesis form.

b) All fees for binding and shipping personal copies, as listed on the form. To submit your thesis:

  • Package securely and send through campus mail, addressed to Buswell Library Administrative Office.
  • Package securely and send through postal mail, addressed to Buswell Library Administrative Office, Wheaton College, 501 College Avenue, Wheaton, IL, 60187.
  • Deliver in person to Room 221, Buswell Library. To ensure that we will be available when you arrive, please email or call (630) 752-5625 to make an appointment.