Syncing your I-Share account, and the "Invalid Login" message...

I-Share logins function in conjunction with barcodes on campus ID cards.  When students or employees get new ID cards, their I-Share login may need updating.
If you encounter a problem accessing your I-Share account, here’s what to do:
FIRST, be sure you are using your most recent campus ID card. Discard old IDs that have been replaced. Public Safety issues new cards.

  1. If you have never created an I-Share account, a tutorial for setting up an I-Share account is here:
  2. If you have already created an I-Share account in the past, and are successful at logging in, but you get a message about your record not being “synced,” follow these steps:
    1. At the right of the “not synced” message screen, notice that you are personally logged in at the upper right.
    2. In the gray menu list at the right, click on “User Account.”
    3. Confirm the information displayed and enter your password twice in the blank fields.
    4. Delete the black dots in the Borrower ID field and enter the NEW barcode number that is on your most recent campus ID card.
    5. Click “Submit”. You should get a message that your changes have been applied or accepted, and be able to conduct library business as usual.
  3. If you have created an I-Share account in the past, but are getting an “Invalid Login. Please try again” message, follow these steps.
    1. First, try logging in again because perhaps you just typed your username or password wrong.  If you login successfully, follow the steps above to “sync” your new barcode with your login. 
    2. If you get the “Invalid” message repeatedly, use the “Forgot Your Password?” feature and try using the retrieved login and password sent to you via email.  That may help you login, and you can use the steps above to “sync” your login with your new barcode.
    3. If the above strategies don’t work, click “Create New Account.” 
    4. Enter the requested personal information and the password you’d like to use.
    5. In the “Borrower ID” field, enter the barcode from your most recent campus ID card (beginning with 23124…).
    6. Select “Wheaton College” from the drop-down menu.
    7. Click “Submit”. That should fix things.  

If these steps do not remedy your problem, please email with details, and she’ll seek assistance from I-Share support.