Research Databases

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Women and social movements in the United States (Scholars Edition)

A resource for students and scholars of U.S. history and U.S. women's history. Organized around the history of women in social movements in the U.S. between 1600 and 2000, this collection seeks to advance scholarly debates and understanding about U.S. history.

World Heritage Sites: Africa

World Heritage Sites: Africa links visual, contextual, and spatial documentation of African heritage sites. The collection includes more than 57,000 objects including photographs, 3D models, GIS data, site plans, aerial and satellite photography, images of rock art, excavation reports, manuscripts, traveler’s accounts, historical and antiquarian maps, books, articles, and other scholarly research. JSTOR has provided temporary access to this database until Jun 30, 2020

World Scientific

Provides the full-text of selected books in many disciplines.

World Shakespeare Bibliography

Provides citations and abstracts of journal articles, books, book reviews, dissertations, theatrical productions, reviews of productions, audio-visual media, and other materials relating to Shakespeare.


Provides citations of books and other materials held in thousands of libraries worldwide.