Non-Curricular Personal Web Pages

This chapter describes how faculty, staff, and students may use works on non-curricular Web pages.

Follow the steps given in chapter 5 of this guide, "When Copyright Permission Is Needed."

Sample Scenarios

  1. Question:

  2. Can I include on my Web site a text or image created by someone else?
  3. Answer:

  4. Probably not, unless you have the copyright owner's permission.
  5. Fair Use analysis:

  6. PurposeModerately unfavorable. Your use is entertainment or general interest. If you are profiting from the site, your use is commercial (less favorable).
    NatureFavorable or unfavorable. The work in question is factual (more favorable) or creative (less favorable).
    AmountFavorable or unfavorable. You are using a portion of the work (more favorable) or the whole work (less favorable).
    EffectUnfavorable. You are making the work publicly accessible. This could replace sale of the work or significantly impair the market or potential market for the work.

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