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Regional Business News

Provides comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications. Regional Business News incorporates coverage of more than 80 regional business publications covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.

Religious and Theological Abstracts

Provides citations and abstracts of journal articles in the disciplines of religion and theology.

Research in Ministry (RIM)

Provides citations of project reports and theses written for D.Min. degrees at selected institutions in the U.S. and Canada.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

Provides citations and abstracts of journal articles, discographies, recordings, and other resources in music.

Rosetta Stone Plus

Provides language learning using Rosetta Stone's immersion method. Includes lessons for 30 languages to meet a range of cultural interests; core lessons to build reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills; focused activities to refine grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more; and mobile apps that enable learners to reinforce language on the go.

Routledge Handbook of the Climate Change Movement

Provides a comprehensive overview of the growing international climate movement. A dual focus on climate politics and civil society provides a hitherto unavailable broad and systematic analysis of the current global movement, highlighting how its dynamic and diverse character can play an important role in environmental politics and climate protection.

Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South

Engages the complex ways in which cities of the global south and the global north are rapidly shifting, the imperative for multiple genealogies of knowledge production, as well as a diversity of empirical entry points to understand contemporary urban dynamics.